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Cemetery: Fairview - Jefferson Township
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Allen, George P. 11/12/1987
Allen, Harry
Allen, Homer Paul 04/12/2012
Allen, Icy L. 00/00/1945
Allen, Jack
Allen, James
Allen, James A. 00/00/1921
Allen, Joel A. 00/00/1920
Allen, Leonard
Allen, Leonard Earl 06/20/2011
Allen, Loring 03/08/1984
Allen, Mabel Elizabeth 12/20/2009
Allen, Madge J. 07/16/1993
Allen, Maggie
Allen, Mark Anthony 07/07/2010
Allen, Mary C. 09/15/1935
Allen, Mary Catharine 00/00/1935
Allen, Melissa Hays 12/21/1940
Allen, Miram 09/03/1938
Allen, Nettie Porter 04/11/1990
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