Burials on the Web - Fairview Cemetery - Jefferson Township
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Cemetery: Fairview - Jefferson Township
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Adams, Rose 01/26/1941
Agle, Dorthea Myers 00/00/1974
Agle, Ralph Edgar 03/13/2009
Agle, Ralph N. 00/00/1977
Agle, Robert C. 12/08/2000
Agustus, Marie
Albright, Jerry M. 11/10/2009
Alexander, Kathleen J. 07/02/2011
Allen, Armilda C. 03/06/1990
Allen, Benjamin
Allen, Bessie
Allen, Betty J. 12/17/2004
Allen, Betty Lee 07/21/2016
Allen, C. Otto
Allen, Conner 12/05/1990
Allen, Darwin Hays 01/18/1978
Allen, Deborah 03/05/2016
Allen, Elijah S.
Allen, Emma M 00/00/1921